Friday, January 28, 2011

Upcoming Genealogy Conferences

January and February tend to be slow months in the genealogy world. But spring brings an onslaught of conferences, seminars, and other opportunities to increase your genealogy skills. My inbox is filling with reminders of upcoming conferences and announcements of open registration for various conferences. I already wrote about NERGC – coming up at the beginning of April. Here are a few other conferences that are on my spring speaking schedule that you also might want to consider adding to your calendar.

Feb 25-26, St. George Family History Expo, St. George, UT There is a February conference! And in a nice warm place too. I think St. George, Utah is a much better place to be at the end of February than anywhere in Massachusetts. I’ll blog more about it as it approaches. At $65 (for those who pre-register), this conference is a steal! If St. George is too far for you, check out their website anyway. Upcoming Expos will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah; Loveland, Colorado; Overland Park, Kansas; San Mateo, California; and Duluth, Georgia.

5 March, South Davis Regional Family History Fair, Bountiful, UT. If you live near Bountiful, you won’t want to miss this free conference. They have an amazing 20 classes occurring at one time, so you’re bound to find the perfect class for you.

25-26 March, Fairfax Genealogical Society Spring Conference. Fairfax, VA If you’ve been wanting to make a trip to DC, this would be the perfect time to go – especially since it coincides with the start of the beautiful cherry blossom festival. I love to combine genealogy trips with sightseeing trips! You can register, see the program, or sign up for a consultation at their website.

31 Mar-2 Apr Ohio Genealogical Conference. Columbus, OH. This huge conference attracts hundreds of attendees every year – and brings speakers from all over the country. You can find a lecture on almost any genealogy subject imaginable. You can check out the program and register online.

16 April TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Research Association) will be hosting a Writing Conference. Details will be forthcoming on their website.

29-30 April, Worcester Public Library Genealogy Conference in Worcester, MA. The best news is that this conference is free! Hard to believe, isn’t it? Watch the Worcester Library’s webpage for more information.

10-12 June Southern California Genealogy Jamboree. Burbank, CA. There is some confusion about exactly what I’m doing at this conference at the moment, but I was invited to speak so I plan to be there! There will be a one day writing conference on June 9.

Another big conference to consider (that I won’t be attending this year – a person can only attend so many conferences in on season) is the National Genealogical Society Conference which will be held in Charleston, South Carolina on May 11-14.

And finally if you live in Massachusetts, don’t forget The New England Family History Conference on Saturday, March 26. Sponsored by the LDS Church, this conference is FREE. I’m sad to miss this one that I have spoken at for the last two years, but I will be in Virginia! You can register online and read more about the conference on their website.

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  1. I'm sorry you are going to miss the Franklin conference too! But I'm glad you are so busy!